the humans behind the film

it takes a village, and we had the pleasure of working with these absolutely brilliant humans IRL to make this happen. We also asked everyone to answer this question below…

q: What are your thoughts on technology and society?

selena vidya

creator / producer / cybil

oh hi. working on this.

Jayme woj


Jayme Woj is best known for his acting roles on Gravesend (Amazon), Heartbeat (NBC), Underemployed (MTV), and the horror film, Diabolical. Often embracing his training as an expert swordsman and martial artist, Jayme can also be seen fighting epic battles on Fuller House (Netflix), the fantasy-action series, Trials of Ember, and multiple Disney and Star Wars projects. He currently serves as a founding member of TandemVision, an actor-led production company that develops original films and series through dramatic improvisation.

As a singer-songwriter often covered in bodypaint, Jayme releases his own music and audiovisuals under the alias, “maybesoon.”

a:  coming soon

jeremy hartt


Jeremy Hartt is a Los Angeles-based actor best known for his roles in Superheroes, Sidelined and Project Afterlife. Excited for the opportunity to bring a character to life, Jeremy sees acting as a way to touch the world and engage in the lives of others—even if they never meet. Whether it evokes a moment of joy, sadness, anger, or inspires new ways of thinking, he loves the way television, film, and other forms of visual storytelling become a shared moment of experience.

a: “I think technology is great when it’s used responsibly and for the betterment of society. For me, it’s created a great way to keep in touch more easily with my friends around the world, comfortably automate many of my daily surroundings, and deliver almost any information I need to my fingertips. Conversely, irresponsible use of technology to spread misinformation or create division is when technology goes bad. Like anything else, I think it’s the intent and usage of technology that makes it good or bad, not necessarily the technology itself.”

amanda lechner


Amanda is a director & writer who aims to evoke powerful emotions from unique perspectives. With a background in experimental filmmaking, creative writing, and psychology, Amanda approaches each project by discerning the characters’ individual perspectives and aims to break down the nuances of the world at large. Amanda believes in detailed pre-visualization & close collaboration with the creative team to ensure a smooth & enjoyable shoot no matter what circumstances may arise! 

a:I believe we are living in both an exciting and scary time due to the rapid advancement of technology. Is it good or evil? Separating us or bringing us closer together? It really depends on how you use it & who’s in charge. What’s important is having an open dialogue because there’s really no going back. It’s full steam ahead.” 

katie eleneke

dp / cinematographer

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a:“I love technology, but like with all things there is a balancing act. While I feel social media has expanded my wheelhouse and knowledge base, I have watched the people I love fall into some weird rabbit holes and misinformation pipelines that they can’t break away from. I’m not inherently good with words, but with TikTok and Instagram I can send funny videos or meaningful videos to the people I care about to let them know I am thinking of them without feeling like I have to keep a text chain going constantly. IG became a source of insecurity for me; watching everyone’s life be great but on the flip side, TikTok restores confidence in myself while I watch other women struggle with and joke about the same things that I do. The Yin and Yang of social media.”

Erik Goodrich


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a:coming soon

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